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Choose your sales playbook, we build a custom sales playbook, and deliver it to you within 24 hours. 

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  • Steve

    "Thanks, Drew! Impressive result! This is an extensive playbook. You cover a lot of ground here.

  • Varsha

    "OMG! Just took a quick look and this is better than what I came up with. Thank you so much Drew!!"

  • Chris

    "It was a very good starting point for building our sales playbook and had all the relevant information."

  • Sophia

    "For me, the sales playbook is excellent! I'm very impressed! Thank you so much!"

  • Alison
    founding sales rep

    "The playbook that you created with me is great Drew! Thanks so much." 

  • Alexander

    "I love that it has given me something to start from without a big empty page!"

  • Joanne

    "Wow, I'm not sure what to say Drew.  Thank you for sure.  But I'm kind of speechless, really."

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Pick a playbook, we build it, you sell more! Yay!

How to build a sales playbook

the old way - 24 hours of work

  • 1

    Define the Objectives (2 hours)

    Determine the goals and objectives of the sales playbook. Identify the specific areas of focus, such as sales processes, messaging, objection handling, or specific market segments.

  • 2

    Research and Gather Information (3-5 hours)

    Conduct thorough research on your target audience, competitors, industry trends, and internal sales processes. Gather information and insights that will form the foundation of your playbook.

  • 3

    Outline the Playbook Structure (2 hours)

    Define the structure and organization of the playbook. Determine the sections, chapters, or modules that will be included. Consider the logical flow and ensure the content is easy to navigate.

  • 4

    Develop Content (5-10 hours)

    Create the content for each section of the playbook. This may include best practices, scripts, objection handling techniques, buyer personas, competitive analysis, product/service information, and any other relevant materials.

  • 5

    Design and Formatting (2-4 hours)

    Create a visually appealing and user-friendly design for the playbook. Use graphics, images, charts, and other visual elements to enhance readability and engagement. Ensure the formatting is consistent throughout.

How we build your playbook

the new way - in one-click

  • 1

    You pick a playbook

    You've got a variety of sales playbooks to choose from, and guess what? 

    We're constantly updating and adding fresh new ones every single week! 

    Stay on top of your game with our ever-expanding selection of sales playbooks.

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  • 2

    We build your playbook

    Your sales playbook is in for a treat as it enters our workshop. 

    We've got a proprietary process that brings together sales coaching, the best of sales best practices, industry knowledge, and the power of ChatGPT. 

    It's like a turbocharged masterpiece crafted just for you. 

    Get ready to unleash your sales prowess like never before! 

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  • 3

    You receive your playbook

    Brace yourselves because within a mere 24 hours, you'll be holding in your hands the ultimate game-changer: your very own custom sales playbook! 

    We don't mess around when it comes to speed and precision. 

    Get ready to dive headfirst into a world of sales domination and unlock the secrets to your success. 

    Time to level up, my friends!

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  • 4

    You start selling

    It's time to bid farewell to the mundane task of building and say hello to the thrilling world of selling! 

    Strap in and get ready to unleash the power of your sales playbook to drive unprecedented revenue success. 

    No more wasting time, my friends. It's time to hit the ground running and make those sales skyrocket! 

    Let's go out there and crush it!

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Our Secret Sauce

Custom Sales Playbook

Founders and entrepreneurs, listen up! You deserve a sales playbook that's tailor-made for your specific needs and goals. 

That's why we've developed a unique process that combines the expertise of sales expertise with the power of ChatGPT AI. 

Prompt Engineering

We kickstart by exploring your biz and ideal customers using just your website. Then, we craft a tailored sales playbook with our sales-focused prompt engineering and run it through sales best practices. 

24-Hour Turnaround

Time is money, my friends! Get your custom sales playbook in just 24 hours. 

No hidden costs here, our pricing is crystal clear. Time to level up your sales game and make that dough!

"The quality of the information was quite extensive and rich with information. The sales report also helps start to build the foundations of your sales."

Brandon, Founding Sales Lead

"The in-depth explanations and the organization really helped using this in our sales process."

Matt, Founder